B2B Sales Navigator Training

B2B Sales Navigator Training

The differentiator between average B2B sales teams
and extraordinary B2B sales teams.

Teams Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator Exceptionally Well Dominate Their Competition

There is no equal on the market today when it comes to comparing prospect & account intelligence on a social platform. Sales Navigator stands alone in a category by itself.

Increase pipeline & pipeline velocity with LinkedIn’s top sales tool

Let’s work together to deep dive into the topics your sales teams need answered the most; how to be an elite user of Sales Navigator, integrating into their tech stack (CRM, CMS, and sales enablement tools), and how to prospect, engage, nurture, and close prospects using Sales Navigator.

How it Works

Training Overview:

It’s best for us to begin with a discovery call to better understand your goals and timelines. From there, we can dig into which topics are most relevant for your sales team & how we can best serve them with a hands-on training. Training can be divided into sessions that fir their schedule and allow them time to digest the content between sessions. Sessions can be recorded to be used for future team use as well.

What to Expect:

Step 1: Please book a convenient time for a discovery call with Brandon.

Step 2: After discovery and approval to take next steps, Brandon will have an info-gathering session with the sales team to ask specific questions to uncover their skillset with Sales Navigator, their workflow, other tech tools involved, etc.

Step 3: Brandon will review his call notes, and prepare an outline of session themes and sub-topics to be covered in an interactive training session format.

Step 4: Brandon will then work with your time to schedule out the sessions and prepare any additional resources (guides, tutorials, handouts) for the upcoming sessions.

Step 5: Each session will be executed and recorded for team use. Q&A is encouraged throughout each session as well, ensuring the content and topics have been understood.