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I’m Brandon Forrest, a Freelancer who specializes in everything LinkedIn- from revamping individual profiles to build your personal brand- to managing LinkedIn advertising to bring in valuable leads for your growing company.
I’m a small business owner, so you’ll work with me one-on-one to get the results you’re looking for. No middleman, just me. I’m your “LinkedIn Guy.”
A little about me… 
I enjoy everything outdoors- hiking, chopping wood, fishing and hunting- true to the Forrest name. Forrest Unlimited grew after I learned to tame the beast that is LinkedIn. After hours of learning its ways, I’ve been able to utilize it in a way that has immensely pushed my career forward. Now, I’m wanting to walk alongside others to do the same for them.

My Story

Strategic use of LinkedIn expedited my career growth in the B2B Tech industry. 
With over 8 years of serious LinkedIn experience – including countless hours spent building a strong network, learning strategies that actually work to build business, close deals, and develop my own personal brand 
I saw an opportunity to help others realize how to harness the power of the #1 business networking platform in the world. 
I want to be your coach, your motivator, and one LinkedIn ally that puts the jet fuel into the rocket of your career. 
Let’s get to work!

Why am I Different?

I approach LinkedIn with a fresh perspective.
I’ve spent years in both B2B sales and B2B marketing, so I bring a holistic view to LinkedIn. The buck has always stopped at me for bringing in results. I’ll bring that same mentality to your unique business.