Taking Chances

We’ve all heard in some form or another, the infamous speech called “the dash”. If you haven’t, essentially the speaker gives you a taste of motivation by explaining how so many people focus on the beginning or the ending of a story. This is usually illustrated by a tombstone, where the birth & death years are listed, but so much of a person’s story is represented by the dash. Hard to believe if you think of it, right? Your entire journey through life is translated by a simple form of grammatical insignificance. Or is it?

Do you relate to most people by trying to “fit in” or striving not to disrupt the status quo? Often times, people seek to find their comfort zone and clench tightly to it once they find it. Is this you? Sometimes these places of comfort and security cause us to forfeit our dreams. Settling for a job instead of loving your career, or never starting the business you’ve always wanted – these are the consequences of comfort. Time is the one resource we can’t get back, so what comforts are you clenching on to?

Taking a leap of faith isn’t easy. In many cases, it can backfire causing us to resist anymore risks. However, the one thing I’ve learned throughout my career in business and in sales is not to let failure keep you from swinging for the fences (baseball analogies are the best)! Sometimes the best way to know you actually have courage is to see how you deal with adversity. So in the words of Nickelback, What are you waiting for?

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