LinkedIn Personal Branding & Optimization

  • Transforming your profile from average to fully optimized and engaging.
  • Tailor your messaging to your specific target audience. (i.e. Job seeking, customer seeking, etc.)
  • Learn how to effectively network digitally without ever meeting the person first.
  • Building a content strategy to showcase your knowledge, and to position yourself as a thought leader.
  • Learn advanced strategies for finding opportunities. (finding jobs, finding potential customers, etc.)
  • Develop a network building strategy.
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Resume Building

  • Revise your current resume and find ways to enhance it.
  • Use the most current methods to present your skills and experience.
  • Format your resume to flow naturally along with your interview talk track.
  • Discuss advanced interview prep tips.
  • Optimize your resume for keywords and phrases.
  • Discover new job boards or outlets to find opportunities.
  • Develop a strong personal narrative to “sell” yourself better in an interview.

Business Development

  • Finding the right software tools to build your process.
  • Looking at your BizDev process holistically to see if it can be automated or improved upon in certain areas.
  • Developing email campaigns that get results.
  • Building call strategies that compel prospects to listen and respond.
  • Creating an inbound or outbound cadence for follow up.
  • Lead generation techniques, and locating your ideal customer profile
  • And numerous other ways, just ask!